Our Pride. Bowl by bowl,
Produce Ramen together
customers, That is our Pride.

Bowl by bowl,
Produce Ramen
with customers,
this is our Pride.

Ramen is the Hokkaido
food culture

We believe that Sapporo Ramen, our main product, stands not only as a simple food but represent a real food culture itself. The reason is that noodles alone are not ramen. Soup, sauce, noodles, toppings ...these are the necessary ingredients to make ramen. But also the ability of the cooks to balance them as well as the soul of the people who will enjoy their taste when ready. Ramen is then a collective culture.

Every cook wishes to prepare a ramen using his own created soup. That’s why we supervise the preparation of each ingredient, the degree of waviness of noodles, the color, the thickness and the kneading process in order to create hundreds of different types of noodles. Communication with customers is our fundamental value.

Always ready to suggest the best to our customers

With the taste of food changing so dramatically, we understand that the shopkeepers will be troubled as well. We always ask our employees to be "ready to suggest the best to our customers". In the past, many cooks keep to use Nishiyama Seimen Co., Ltd. products as guarantee but nowadays we must become special consultants in order to avoid troubles. In our main office, we have R & D facility that reproduces a ramen restaurant kitchen. Restaurant owners are welcome to visit this space so that we can carry out researches and developments together. Let us hear from you: “We love Ramen. So, how about this idea?”

Hokkaido in a bowl

Another important goal for us is to deliver the flavor of Hokkaido nature, seasons and climate within our ramen. Currently we are working on a new kind of noodles with flour entirely produced in Hokkaido and local asparagus instead of menma pickled bamboo shoots pursuing a 100% made in Hokkaido ramen. Focusing on safety and security, we are challenging an era increasingly focused on local products.

Last but not least, we think that customers change through three steps. First they visit us to try our products and we call them VISITORS. As they keep buying our product they then become REPEATER customers. Finally when they will bring us new people they are SUPPORTERS. It is the same in the world of professional sports (soccer, football, etc.). Our mission is to bring the highest number of supporters to create together a ramen culture.

Initiative and determination

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