Quality Initiatives

Quality Initiatives

Nishiyama Seimen Co., Ltd. is a company that provides reliable quality products with a safety check first.
We are keeping quality and safety control as fundamental.

Guarantee food safety and
pursuing the best taste

For our all customers.
For a delicious bowl of ramen.
For the Sapporo ramen food culture and tradition.
We work on thorough quality control and safety check pursuing the best taste,
without tolerating any compromise.


a fully
checked ramen

What we do at Nishiyama Seimen Co., Ltd. is to check with our own eyes our products, to hear our buyers` voices, and to think from their perspective. Our stance is to create an open dialogue with our customers.

We set various standards as for the degree of waviness of noodles, color, thickness, preparation, temperature at delivery, storage condition, etc. Only those that met those conditions from selection of raw materials to distribution are the products we sell to you.


Pursuing the best quality
from noodles creation to delivery

From the creation to deliver, the process of production of our noodles is fully checked to keep safety as our standard.

We are also working on improving the quality of logistics in order to have the best distribution quality.


Acquisition of FSSC 22000 certification

In March 2019, Nishiyama Seimen's No. 1 factory (mass production line) acquired FSSC 22000, an international standard for food safety management systems. We are also planning to register the still unregistered production lines.

FSSC22000Examination registration certificate(Japanese) FSSC22000Examination registration certificate(English) ISO22000Examination registration certificate ISO22000Examination registration certificate annex

FSSC 22000 is planned to be institutionalized in Japan in 2020 in addition to the effective standard (ISO 22000) of HACCP which is one of the most important food hygiene management systems.

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