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Sapporo ramen timeline

Pre-war ramen

Year Japanese era Ramen history Sapporo, Hokkaido history Japan history
1923 12th year Taisho Chinese restaurant "Takeya" opens in Sapporo. Ramen by Chinese chef Wencai Wang was sold. Takeo Arishima commits suicide in Karuizawa Great Kanto Eartquake
1929 4th year Showa Wencai Wang enters in the kitchen of "Matsushimaya Parlor" and proposes ramen in the menu. Typhoon struck Sapporo area, killing 83 people
1930 5th year Showa Wencai Wang begins to sell the noodles in cafes and tearooms. The coffee shop "Obo-chan" in Tanukikoji serves ramen for 15 yen. First edition of International Miyasama Ski Games World Depression affects Japan (-1932)
1937 12th year Showa Sapporo-Tokyo regular air routes opened Second Sino-Japanese war begins
1939 14th year Showa Launched Yukijirushi Margarine across the country World War II begins
1941 16th year Showa *The ramen disappears when the Pacific War get harder and rations begin War victory effort national convention gathers in Sapporo 30.000 visitors. Pacific war begins
1944 19th year Showa Mount Showa Shinzan is formed Battle of Saipan
1945 20th year Showa Us garrison build up Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki mark the end of the Pacific war

Post-war Nishiyama

Year Japanese era Ramen history Sapporo, Hokkaido history Japan history
1946〜47 21th~22th year Showa A stall opened by Matsuda Kanshichi opens along the Soseigawa river. Seiji Nishiyama opens a stall ramen shop called "Darumaken". Hokkaido population rises to 3.85 million International Military Tribunal for the Far East begins trials.
1950 25th year Showa Ramen restaurant "Aji no Sanpei" opened by Morito Omiya. The first edition of Sapporo Snow Festival The Korean War begins

Ramen bustling era

Year Japanese era Ramen history Sapporo, Hokkaido history Japan history
1951 26th year Showa Kanshichi Matsuda opens “Ryuho” restaurant near Toho Koraku cinema. Years later this area will become the “Koraku ramen street”. Sapporo, Maruyama Zoo opened Akira Kurosawa`s “Rashomon” awared at Venice Film Festival
1953 28th year Showa

Takayuki Nishiyama, took the manufacture of "Darumaken" and with three noodle machines began his operations in Sapporo Minami ward.

Hanamori Yasuji defines Sapporo “the City of ramen” in the magazine “Kurashi no teicho” (living handbook).

Sapporo to Chitose express rail road opened Main TV broadcast starts
1954 29th year Showa At "Aji no Sanpei" miso ramen is created for the first time. Toya typhoon makes sink a ferry in Hakodate Incident of Daigo Fukuryu Maru boat
1958 33th Showa Instant ramen is created for the first time Hokkaido University Exposition in Sapporo, Otaru 10,000 yen bill issued
1960〜 Showa 30es Miso ramen recognized as Sapporo specialty. Tourism increases.
1962 37th year Showa Okuma Katsunobu opens "Kumasan" at Odori 6-chome. Hokkaido coal workers strike simultaneously Koichi Horie, crosses the Ocean with a single yacht.
1963 38th year Showa Sapporo ramen manufacturing cooperative established by nine noodles shops. Teikoku Textile Sapporo Factory closed Yoshinobu Murakoshi kidnapping case
1964 39th year Showa Kumasan" promotes its Miso ramen in Hokkaido fair between Tokyo and Osaka department stores (Takashimaya) obtaining great reputation. The first Sapporo Ramen store opens Ueno, Tokyo.
From around this time until the 80es, Sapporo ramen becomes a national boom.
Sapporo Shrine renamed in Hokkaido Jingu Tokyo Olympics
1968 43th year Showa Launched Instant Ramen "Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen" Hokkaido 100-years ceremony held in Sapporo 300 million yen robbery
1969 44th year Showa "Koraku ramen famous store street" is dismantled for road construction before Sapporo Olympics. Former Government Office, designated as Important Cultural Property Tomei Expressway whole line opening
1970 45th year Showa Sapporo city, population over 1 million Osaka World Exposition

The maturity of Sapporo ramen

Year Japanese era Ramen history Sapporo, Hokkaido history Japan history
1971 46th year Showa Today Sapporo Ramen Alley constructed。 Sapporo Subway Namboku Line between Kita 34 Chome and Makomanai Floating rate system introduced
1972 47th year Showa Sapporo Wnter Olympics Panda debuts at Ueno Zoo, Tokyo
1975 50th year Showa Sapporo City Ramen Stores “Aji no kai” association with 17 shops joining The SL train has a history of 103 years of service Shinkansen Tokyo to Hakata line inaugurated.
1976 51th year Showa

Subway Tozai Line opened. Near the final station of Kotoni many ramen restaurants are opened.

Ramen Alley which had stores only on one side became full of ramen restaurants on both. New Ramen Alley is inaugurated.

Forced landing of Soviet Mig 25 fighter in Hakodate Lockheed scandal
1977 52nd year Showa The Great Eruption of Mount Usuzan killed nearby people Sadaharu Oh from Tokyo Giants strikes his 756 home run
1980〜 Showa 50es Many souvenir ramen packages for gifts produced. The ramen packages are recognized as a gift product and are gradually distributed around the world. The population of Sapporo is 1.48 million and surpasses Kyoto as the fifth biggest city of Japan
1988 63rd year Showa Opening of Seikan Tunnel, opening of New Chitose Airport, subway Toyo Line Recruit scandal

Ramen in the challenging Sapporo

Year Japanese era Ramen history Sapporo, Hokkaido history Japan history
1989 First Heisei year "Heisei" opened in Sapporo North 37 East 28th Street Tomari Nuclear Power Plant first operation Showa emperor demise
1992 4th year Heisei The first Yosakoi Soran Festival held Mamoru Mohri boarded on Space Shuttle
1993 5th year Hesiei “China Soba Marukin” opened in Tanukikoji Shopping district of Sapporo. After this, ramen shops gradually begin to increase in this area. Hokkaido Nansei-oki earthquake Inaugurated soccer J-League
1994 6th year Hesiei "Yusura” opens in Kotoni and “Gojoken” in Minami ward. Record heat wave. 36.2 ° C registered in Sapporo Kenzaburo Oe received the Nobel Prize for Literature
1995 7th year Heisei Governor Hori`s first win Great Hanshin Earthquake
Tokyo subway sarin attack
1997 9th year Heisei "Ramen Tetsuya" opened on Nishi Tonden Street Hokkaido Takushoku Bank business collapse Yamaichi Securities Voluntary closure
1998 10th year Heisei Air Do airline business start Nagano Winter Olympics
11th year Heisei~
12th year Heisei
8 ramen shops open in Tanukikoji district. 20 ramen shops are concentrated in a small area. Mykal Otaru shopping center opened, Sapporo Sogo closed 2000 year national computer malfunction problem

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