The secret of ramen

The secret of ramen

When noodles are served with soup and toppings in a single bowl we call this Ramen.
It is not an exaggeration to say that the best ramen comes simply by the balance between these three elements.


The essential point to prepare a delicious "ramen" is the making process of noodles with carefully selected ingredients.
Let's look closer at the main raw material "flour" and the secondary raw materials kansui brine and water which are necessary to make good ramen noodles.


Ramen can only be called ramen if there are the right ingredients. Here, let's take a look to the unknown secrets of the various ingredients used in ramen,
without forgetting the superstar menma pickled bamboo shoots and chashu roasted pork stew.


The soup greatly affects the taste of ramen. It can be said that the essence of ramen can be understood if you can know the essence of the soup. Here, let's scientifically look at the secrets of soup looking close to broth and tare sauce.

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