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The secret of flour

Until the flour is completely prepared

  • Inside a ramen factory you must know the secret story of flour. Wheat, which is the raw material of flour, is mainly imported from overseas. Currently, it is mainly imported from the United States, Canada, and Australia, and wheat from the United States and Canada is often used for ramen.

  • The wheat imported by ship is stored in the silos of the port, and after being checked by the country inspectors, it is sent to the flour milling plant.

  • In a flour mill, the wheat is placed in a roll and milled.

  • The crushed ones are sifted and divided into "powder" and "bran (wheat surface-wheat surface is covered with thin skin, which is used for animal feed)."
    Repeat this process to make flour.

At the flour milling plant, we carefully pay attention to food safety and to hygienic condition of the machines.
The milled flour is then stored in a flour silo and packed. However, where there is a flour tank available, it is carried by a bulk car.

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