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Ramen for Export "Noren-ten Ramen" for export

Uncooked ramen for restaurants which has rich flavors, is very chewy and goes well with full-bodied soup. The noodles are standard Sapporo ramen. They are frozen for shipment overseas.

Contents: 140g x 5 x 20

Shelf life: 6 months from shipment date

Motodare Sapporo Ramen "Motodare"

soy sauce and soybean paste flavoring

Contents: 2kg x 6

Shelf life:6months from shipment date

How to prepare Sapporo Ramen
defros ramen without heating, then boil them.
soi sauce or soibean paste flavour
make soup.
1:Leave frozen uncooked ramen to defrost without heating.

2:Boil uncooked ramen for two minutes.

3:While the ramen is boiling. put the boiling soup stock (pork bones and vegetables)(450cc)and soy sauce flavoring (54g) or soybean paste flavoring (76g) in a bowl and stir well.

make soup.

4:Put the boiled ramen and other ingredients in a soup bowl with the previously prepared stock..

"Sapporo Nishiyama Ramen noodles for special restaurants in Sapporo, the home or ramen and professionally prepared soup"

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