History History of Nishiyama Seimen

History of Nishiyama Seimen and Sapporo Ramen

Everything started with a food stall.
A cartoon review of ... the history of Nishiyama Seimen and Sapporo ramen

Corporate history of Nishiyama Seimen Co., Ltd.

Apr.1950 Takayuki Nishiyama (the founding president of Nishiyama Seimen Co., Ltd.) took charge of Darumaken noodle manufacturing.
Apr.1951 Besides household use, the commercial use division started to respond to the requests from other ramen restaurants.
Aug.1953 Began operations at Nishiyama Seimensho (today known as Nishiyama Seimen Co., Ltd.) in Minami 3-jo Nishi 8-chome area of Sapporo.
Jan.1955 Nishiyama Seimen developed fresh curly yellow noodles with a stretchy and firm texture. They were made with added raw egg using a manufacturing technique for mature noodles with high water absorbency.
Aug.1961 Completed its second factory in Sapporo’s Minami 3-jo Nishi 8-chome area.
Dec.1963 Established Nishiyama Seimen Co., Ltd.
Jan.1965 Shipping of fresh Nishiyama ramen noodles to commercial markets in Japan main island Honshu region began.
Oct.1965 Start selling products at Hokkaido Food Fair in Honshu region.
Aug.1968 Completed its third factory in the Minami 13-jo Nishi 10-chome area of Sapporo, the main office is moved to the same location.
Oct.1970 Shipping of fresh Nishiyama ramen noodles to retail stores began.
Oct.1973 Manufacturing boiled noodles, fried noodles, cooked noodles, frozen gyoza Dumplings began.
Apr.1974 Nishiyama Seimen Co., Ltd. is authorized as a designated factory for school lunch in Sapporo.
Apr.1975 Shipping of Nishiyama ramen noodles to overseas markets began.
Jan.1980 Relocated to the 16-chome, Heiwa-dori, Shiroishi-ku area of Sapporo city city and completed its fourth factory. The factory owns Japan noodle industry’s first flour storage tanks. Completely automatic hygienic factory operated by flow jet mixing system.
Oct.1983 Set up non-store retailing division. Started on-line shopping and developed gift package.
Apr.1984 Introduced industry’s first robot to help noodle making process.
Apr.1985 Enhanced research division.
Nov.1986 Built fifth factory next to fourth factory.
Apr.1987 Appeared in social study textbook of 3rd grade at elementary schools in Sapporo ”Our Sapporo /Job at Ramen factory”. Picked up as study material for workshop class. (still continuing)
June.1987 Set up Kanto Sales Office.
Aug.1987 Start of making dried noodles.
Apr.1989 Commended by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of Japan. (Postal service category)
Jul.1990 Opening of Kansai Sales Office
Aug.1990 Built sixth factory next to fifth factory.
Oct.1990 Start of making frozen noodles.
Oct.1990 Broadcasting of FM radio program "Nishiyama Gourmet Talk" starts (Air-G)
Oct.1996 Certificate from Minister of Health and Welfare (food hygiene improvement)
Dec.1999 Set up a website. Started selling products over the internet.
Oct.2002 Built a picking room in main office for more efficient distribution.
May.2006 Established “Nishiyama Shokuhin Co., Ltd.” to chashu roasted pork
Apr.2007 Letter of Gratitude from Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications (Postal Business Division)
Apr.2013 To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Sapporo city foundation donated 2,000 lilac seeds to city schools and community center.
Sep.2013 Letter of appreciation from Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare (food hygiene improvement)
Oct.2013 Establishment of ”SAPPORO NISHIYAMA EUROPE GmbH” in Düsseldorf, Germany to strengthen the sales activity in Europe.
Mar.2014 Sapporo City Letter of Appreciation (School Education).
July.2014 Nishiyama non-alcohol non egg ramen noodles receive the Halal certificate by Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality (first of Japanese ramen)
Oct.2014 SAPPORO NISHIYAMA USA INC. (Holding) established in Washington DC, USA for business expansion within the United States
Jan.2015 HACCP team launched in collaboration with HACCP Hokkaido
Mar.2015 Letter of appreciation from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises)
Mar.2016 Frozen noodles certified by HACCP
Apr.2016 NISHIYAMA RAMEN USA INC. established in New York, USA to strengthen ramen sales in the United States
Oct.2016 Doughs certified by HACCP
Jan.2017 PCQI obtained from U.S. FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act)
Mar.2017 Frozen dumplings certified by HACCP
May.2017 Passed the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) investigation
May.2017 School lunch noodles certified by HACCP
Oct.2018 Nishiyama Foods (meat processing sector) certified by HACCP
Mar.2019 FSSC 22000 acquired by raw noodles from Nishiyama Seimen's No. 1 factory
Feb.2020 In February 2020, Nishiyama Seimen's second factory, frozen noodle production room, and dumpling wrapper production room acquired FSSC22000 certification, an international standard for food safety management systems.
Nov.2021 Affiliated company Nishiyama Shokuhin Co.,Ltd. (Meat Processing Division) acquired JFS-B certification.
Jan.2022 Expansion of the 7th factory on the adjoining site of the 6th factory
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